Many states are asking residents to report sightings of wild pigs to help them determine population and course of action.


Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) is asking hunters who spot or take a feral hog to report the animal to the agency. Reports will help BOAH and DNR determine if additional census, disease monitoring and/or control steps are necessary.

Anyone who sees or takes a feral hog should call BOAH at (877) 747-3038 or
animalhealth@boah.IN.gov to report the approximate location, number, sex and estimated size of the animal(s).


Reporting the presence of wild hogs to the Conservancy at 517-641-7677 or via email at wildlife@miwildlife.org.


Report sightings of feral hogs to U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services at (573) 449-3033 ext. 13, the Department of Conservation at (573) 522-4115 ext. 3147, or the State Veterinarianís office at (573) 751-3377.


If you do shoot or see feral swine please report it to the nearest DEC regional wildlife office (http://www.dec.ny.gov/about/558.html). Please report the number of swine seen or killed, whether any of them were piglets, the date, and the exact location (county, town, distance and direction from an intersection, nearest landmark, etc.).


To halt the spread of invasive feral swine, the 2009 Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2221 that requires landowners and land managers to notify the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife when they become aware of free roaming feral swine on their property. The bill also makes it illegal to sell hunts for feral swine on public or private property.

Report Feral Swine Sightings and Hunting Harvest to your local ODFW office or to ODFW's Terrestrial Invasive Species coordinator, (503) 947-6000


Austin, Texas
Reporting Hog Damage on Your Property

Especially during times of drought, hogs may come into neighborhoods to find water and forage for food. Call 3-1-1 to report feral hog problems or damage on your property. City of Austin is tracking hog damage location, hog number estimates, and property damage information. This information is reported to Texas Cooperative Extension - Wildlife Servicesí hog specialists who use the information to initiate management actions.

Plum Creek Watershed, Texas


Wisconsin Feral Pig Reporting Form
It is important to report evidence of feral pigs to the Department as soon as possible. Your reports allow the Department to effectively monitor locations of feral pigs throughout the state and take actions necessary to prevent feral pigs from becoming established on the landscape. Your cooperation and help is greatly appreciated.


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